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QTS Recruitment was set up to address the need for high quality teaching staff in the UK. Formed in 2012 by an experienced former senior teacher and utilising web based technology we are able to provide unparalleled customer service to the schools working with us.  


As an experienced senior teacher I understand the pressures and issues on teachers today, managing work life balance can be difficult. The QTS Recruitment systems allow you to manage this and puts you the teacher at the centre of what we do.


We are passionate about training and professional development, so working with various specialists we have developed a series of training events aimed at providing our staff and schools with training tailored to their needs. Events will be publicised on our website where they can be booked. 


I believe that companies working with communities should endeavour to give something back to those that have helped make the business successful. This is why as part of our commitment to education 10% of all profits after tax are given back to those schools who become our partners to spend on their school. The aim of QTS Recruitment is to work with schools to improve the education and lives of young people across the UK.


Colin Wright

Managing Director


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